Plant Auction 2.0 for 2021

Our plant auction is back AND going virtual with an online sale this year!

Plant Auction 2.0 — MAY 11 – June 8

Spring is here! Plants are popping their heads out everywhere and screaming to be divided. Since our annual auction remains on hold, how about a REAL plant sale held virtually on our Facebook Page to share the perennials or seeds you have with those who would love to have them?

To participate: 

  • Pot your plants in any type of container.
  • Label with the plant name, bloom color, light and water requirements. 
  • You can list extra seeds as well!
  • Provide a description, if desired, such as ‘ground cover,’  ‘invasive,’ etc. 
  • Please include a suggested or fair price per plant or item
  • Include, if possible, a CLEAR photo of the plant (yours or from the internet)  
  • Post your offering on our Facebook page. Find “how to” instructions pinned at top of page approx May 1. 
  • Donate your proceeds to the club by June 30th, as in auctions past, knowing your contribution keeps us going strong.

Questions —
(You can email in your listing if you are not on Facebook and we will post it but not manage sales)

Thanks to Kathy K, our Plant Auction Chairperson this year. It might not be the same auction as always, but she has definitely put in the work to help create a check-list to help our members get ready to sell their plants and seeds.