March Newsletter 2021

We still have time before the busyness of spring overtakes us, so let’s focus on caring this month.  There are many things that need care right now.  If you haven’t cleaned and sharpened your tools, now is the time to care for them.  Winter care for our trees and shrubs includes checking and pruning this month.  Winter is taking a toll on our birds as well; there are some ways we can care for them. There is information in this issue or on our website about these topics.

Just a little update on our club—I’d like you to know that we have had two new people join even though we are unable to have our meetings in person. I know we’re all anxious to welcome them personally to the club, but for now we will do virtually.  We’re thrilled that we are able to have an active and appealing club even in this pandemic era..

Let’s care for ourselves, each other, our animal and plants for whom we truly are custodians. 

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