New for 2021

Gardeners are always experimenting. Sometimes it works and sometimes it fails; even tried and true doesn’t always give us what we want. Every year new plants debut to tempt us. We happily oblige. Proven Winners has “proven” many times they can provide winners. Here are some new ones that look very promising for our area.


Proven Harvest® Amazel Basil®

Basil is a garden staple, known for its versatility and usefulness in a wide range of recipes. You might be cooking, baking, or even serving up cocktails with basil–adding its unique flavor to your concoctions. The biggest challenges when growing basil are mildew and seed set, both of which can kill the plant or affect the taste of the leaves–but not with Amazel.

While it isn’t immune to mildew it rarely has a bad infestation and it is very late to set seed. This is basil that will hang around all summer, providing batch after batch of pesto and yummy on pizzas too!

Annual. Full Sun. 20-36” Tall. 

Primo® ‘Wild Rose’ Coral Bells Heuchera hybrid       

Who needs flowers when you have a plant with such vibrant foliage?  Yet in midsummer pink and purple blossoms rise above the rosy pink foliage.

Perennial Sun to Shade. 8-10” tall with 20” scapes; 18” wide. 

USDA zones 4-9.



Berried Treasure® Red Fragaria ananassa

This strawberry is an easy-care perennial with both ornamental and edible features. As an everbearing strawberry, once it begins flowering it continues through the end of the year. Gardeners who grow this plant will be delighted by the presence of semi-double red flowers at the same time as the flavorful snack-sized fruit. Unlike other varieties that are aggressive and will run around the garden, Berried Treasure® Red has restrained runners and will spread slowly. The shorter runners also make it excellent for use in containers or raised beds.

Perennial. Full Sun. 12-16” tall and 18-24” wide.

Hardy in Zones 4-9.

Czechmark Trilogy® Weigela florida

Three colors, one plant—yes please! Czechmark Trilogy® Weigela blooms white, pink and red all at once for a dazzling spring show that will draw hummingbirds and bees to the garden. This mounded shrub with glossy green leaves is incredibly easy to grow, providing loads of blooms with minimal effort. 

Shrub. 3-3.5’ tall and wide. Sun to part sun.

USDA zones 4-8.


Yezberry® Japanese Haskaps

There’s something magical about eating food you’ve grown and Yezberry® haskaps will be one of your yummiest harvests yet! They taste like a combination of blueberries and raspberries but are much easier to care for. They don’t need any particular soil to thrive or any special pruning regimen. Just plant two different varieties and get an abundance of berries in early summer, year after year. They’re great for pies, jellies, and eating ripe from the bush (our favorite option)!

Shrub. Part Sun to Sun. 3-6’ tall and wide, dependent on the variety chosen.

USDA zones 3-7.