Ornamental Containers

So, you’ve been considering container gardening. Let’s think a bit more specifically about what it takes to create a spectacular pot. You don’t need professional help or specialty plants—Just take a walk down the aisles of your favorite garden center this spring and choose wisely.

Plan the structure of your pot.

The easiest way is to remember “thriller, filler, spiller”—a tall focal point, mid height broad plant, and then trailing plants. The number depends on the size of your container.

Another composition would be just one bold plant in the pot

A third way might be to choose several of the same plant for the pot.

Whatever style you decide on, make sure the plants all have similar soil, light and water needs.

Consider the location—sun or shade and choose plants accordingly.

Is it windy enough to break the foliage?
This will also affect how much you will need to water.

Contrast textures—foliage color, shape and texture are as important as blooms.

The size and shape of the leaf as well as its texture (shiny, prickly, velvety) influences the overall appearance of your pot.

Think color—paint with your plants.
Reflect on your house or patio color; blend soothingly or stand out strikingly?

Different color combinations set widely varying moods:
Complimentary colors such as orange and blue generate excitement. Create a soothing environment with related colors like pinks and blues. Or consider a sophisticated look using only greens, silvers and whites. 

With just a little thought and planning, you can display your own original, unique (yes, spectacular!) pots.

Then sit back and enjoy the compliments.