Reblooming October 2020

To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven.
Ecclesiastes 3.  1-13

In Ecclesiastes there is the call to plant, to love, to live, to work and then to enjoy the fruits of our labors. It acknowledges a predictable rhythm to our existence, even as we experience the ups and downs of daily living. COVID-19 has upended so much, yet we continue to work, to care for family and friends, plant bulbs, harvest crops, savor warm sun and fading blooms and put our gardens to bed for the winter. In that we find comfort. In that we move forward.

I’m grateful to Sandi and Beth for accepting the challenge of moving our club forward, knowing it will require creative new ways of thinking. I admire their “can do” spirit. They both bring enormous talent to the job. We are in good hands.

Because we weren’t able to hold our June Tea and Installation of Officers, I was unable, as outgoing President, to thank the Officers and Committee Chairs who so ably served with me for the past two years. So let this be a virtual and heartfelt “thank you!” It was a wonderful experience to be part of that smooth-running team. Many have agreed to continue for another term. Again, we are in good hands.

Every contribution by every member brings beauty and purpose to the whole. We look forward with confidence. To everything there is a season.