Seed Starting Indoors

Now is the time to plan ahead for your seed starting. 

Starting plants from seed is a relatively easy project if you plan ahead. Here are basic items you will need before you begin.Choose your area to work and hold your pots; then assemble your equipment:

  1. Seeds – Seed catalogues give you a large selection.  Local garden centers also have seed.
  2. Labels and Marker – To keep your seeds organized so you know what’s growing.
  3. Seed Starting Soil – Sterile seed starting mix is loose and finer grained.
  4. Pots, Trays & Moisture Domes – Seed pots, trays and dome need to be sterile, so if using last year’s equipment, clean with the bleach and water. Plastic wrap can be used in place of dome, but takes more care. 
  5. Water Spray Bottle to water the new plants.
  6. Lights, Heating Mat– Plant lights which can be raised as the plants grow. Heating mat will help the seeds germinate. Helpful, but not necessary IF you have light and heat enough for seed starting.
  7. Water Soluble Fertilizer – Use at ¼ strength once a week.
  8. Larger Pots, Container Soil and Fertilizer – Larger pots are needed once the seedlings outgrow the small seed pots. Use Potting Soil with fertilizer in the larger pots.