Transplanting a plant into the garden soil is a fairly easy task. Items you will need include a trowel (or shovel for larger plants), compost soil, starter fertilizer and water. These steps are geared to planting a perennial, but the same is true for an annual plant.

Let’s look at this project step by step:

  1. Decide on the spot you will be planting. We will focus on one plant in one garden area. Make sure the area is weed free.
  2. Prior to planting make sure the plant is hardened off (plant needs to gradually acclimate to the outside temperature and climate), well-fed and watered.
  3. Dig a hole one size larger than the plant pot is wide and tall. To the garden soil removed from the hole mix in composed soil and bit of starter fertilizer. To the bottom of the hole add a handful of the soil mix. 
  4. Remove the plant from the pot. Inspect the roots. If they are knotted in a tight ball, loosen them carefully. If there is soil left in the pot, add it to the soil mix. 
  5. Place the plant in the prepared hole. Add soil mix all around the plant firming it up little by little to eliminate air pockets. There should be enough soil to cover all the roots completely and above the root ball. Press firmly down on the soil once again.
  6. Water around the plant carefully and fully. Do not blast the plant with water. Allow it to drain down, then dd a little more soil mix to the top if the roots are not fully covered. Add water again and allow to drain down. Do this one more time. You have completed your task. 
  7. After care is necessary for all new plants. Water carefully each day until the plant becomes strong and well established. If you think rabbits, squirrels or deer will eat the plant you may need to fence it.