April Meeting 2024

Illinois Native Pollinators

Welcome University of Illinois Extension, College of Agricultural, and Consumer for a presentation on Illinois Native Pollinators:

This timely presentation focuses on making plant choices with native pollinators in mind. Native bees, butterflies, wasps, and other pollinators that are under serious threat from a variety of stress factors causing an unceasing decline in their populations. Learn of pollinators’ importance in our ecosystem, about the plants that attract them and why. Find out how a little effort on our part can go a long way for pollinators and our ecosystem while also providing you with beauty and enjoyment.

Refreshment Committee April:  Darlene Robinson (lead), Dolores Mink, Diane Waldow, Jan Melin, Ruthann Davis, Shanta Frierson, Felicia Lopez

April 9th at 1pm

Location: Zion Library (2400 Gabriel Avenue, Zion IL)