Beth’s Bucket

  1. Obtain 5-gallon plastic bucket
  2. Cut 2” hole in center of bottom
  3. Also cut 5-6 ¼” holes in the bottom for drainage
  4. Place bucket right side up on two sawhorses
  5. Place a coffee filter or sheet of paper at bottom of bucket
  6. Cut slit in sheet of paper and slide it under root ball (inside bucket) to support it while you fill the bucket
  7. From the bottom, insert root ball of compact or dwarf tomato plant so that root ball is inside, and plant is hanging down outside
  8. Fill the bucket with potting soil
  9. Hang by its handle from a sturdy support in a sunny area
  10. Water from the top until water runs through
  11. Fertilize weekly.

With this method, the tomato doesn’t get soil borne disease and keeps crawling things like slugs and animals away.