Help Wanted!

This isn’t exactly a job offer, but we do need your help. Today begins our plant sale which takes the place of our annual plant auction. We have NO income for our club; all fund raising was halted by the pandemic and we won’t even have dues since everyone took advantage of the two-years-for-one pricing.

SO… we need you to pot up your plants, take a picture and post it on our Club’s Plant Sale Facebook page (if you can’t find it– search for 2021 IDGC Plant Sale in the search bar)

List your plant(s) with a description and price. When your plants sell, you arrange the pickup and collect the money, which you then donate to the club. You can send a check to the treasurer at the end of the sale. This will benefit us like the auction has in past years.

And if you don’t have any plants to sell — or just aren’t feeling motivated to sell online during the start of gardening season, you can always make a donation instead.

We are a club; a group; a community. If we each put in a little effort, we can keep our over-80-year-old club intact. Thank you for your support!

Hopefully we can get back to our annual AUCTION next year! Until then — post your plants for sale!