Reblooming January 2021

While the 2020 holidays were unlike any others in memory, one tradition in our home endured. Celebrated every year on the day after Christmas, it’s called Wing Chair Day. I highly recommend you plan one for yourself.

The idea arrived years ago. Faced with a marathon run of shopping, wrapping, cooking and entertaining, I would add a library visit to the To Do List. There I would scoop up an armload of reading prospects. Because the focus was on relaxing, many of the books were loaded with pictures. And as we all know, the best picture books are about gardening.

Stacked next to my favorite chair, they would stand sentinel, the silent cheerleaders in the corner. “Keep going.” “Enjoy the journey.” “A reward for your effort awaits.” On December 26, our five boys happy with new toys and the fridge stocked with leftovers, I would settle in. Bliss!

Ironically, this could become Wing Chair Winter as we ride out the Covid-19 storm. As The Barefoot Contessa is fond of saying, “How bad could that be?” Day after day to think, to learn, to plan, to dream? Serve it up!

Just as the pandemic has challenged us to consider what matters most in life, this winter offers the possibility to rethink our gardens and what they mean to us. Let’s embrace it. Whether through books, magazines, the Internet, garden visits, conversations with friends and more, inspiration is all around us. Enjoy the journey. A reward for your effort awaits.