Traditional Plants


Poinsettias, holly, ivy, rosemary, mistletoe, evergreen trees—-there are so many plants associated with Christmas. Did you ever wonder why?

Here’s a little history lesson… Greenery was used in ancient times to celebrate the Winter Solstice by warding off evil spirits. When Christianity came to Europe, the greenery was kept but given Christian meanings.

Holly’s prickly leaves represent Jesus’ crown of thorns and the berries his drops of blood.

Ivy clings to something to support itself as it grows and so reminds us of our need for God’s support.

Mistletoe use goes back to the time of the Druids as a symbol of good luck, love and friendship.

Rosemary was thought to be the Virgin Mary’s favorite plant. It is called the remembrance herb and used at Christmas as a reminder of the birth of Jesus.

Fir and Yew trees are evergreen and so signify everlasting life with God.