Beth’s Corner December 2020


Holiday Craft Ideas

Putz House

Putz House










These Putz Houses were by my grandkids.  I helped with the cardboard houses (made with repurposed cereal, tissue, butter, or cracker boxes or any other lightweight cardboard that you can find), and they took it from there.  The instructions can be found on the website Click on crafts and then on holiday crafts. If anyone wants printed instructions let me know and I’ll print them up.


If you want a Christmas tree, but don’t want to put one up or don’t have the space for one, get the look by plotting out a big triangle on the wall with pencil dots. Stagger clear reposition-able hooks up the sides.  Then loop garland and fairy lights through each hook. Add small ball ornaments on the garland and a star on top. Nearly instant Christmas tree.