Grow Up with Your Containers

Don’t forget that you can grow a lot of vegetables upright. 

Tomatoes need support.  Put a large cage on your tomato plant in a big pot—the bigger the better.  The tomato can be staked with a wooden stake. Put a few large headed (roofing) nails in the stake to hold the ties as the plant grows. And tomatoes look great on an obelisk.   Place the pot in a flower bed and listen to the compliments.

Cucumbers, pole beans, vining squash, vining spinach can all be grown up. Give them a trellis or a teepee.  A simple trellis can be made with two sturdy stakes with fencing stapled to it.  Be sure that your stakes are close enough together to fit inside the pot. If you place the pot directly on the ground the stakes can be pounded into the ground on the outside of the pot (the pot will not be movable if this is done).  Any of these plants will do well on a trellis.

Teepees are fairly easy to do.  Bamboo stakes work the best.  Put five or six stakes in a large pot and tie the top of them together with a heavy string.  Pole bean or squash seeds can be planted on the inside and the outside of the teepee and trained up on each stake.  String can be strung horizontally around the stakes to make it easier for the plants to climb.

There is a large leaf vining spinach called Malabar Spinach that has tiny purple flowers that makes a great looking plant and is edible, too.  Again, with an obelisk, you’ll have a great addition to your garden.

Malabar Spinach