Beth’s Corner May 2021

I’ve been busy the last week or two potting some hostas that have gotten a little to big for their spaces, taking a daylily fan or two off some big clumps, digging some monarda (bee balms) and pulmonaria (lungworts) that have gone a little too far astray, and potted up some new lilium bulbs. 

I hope you are doing the same with your extra plants for the plant auction coming up.  No bidding, just pick out what you want to buy this year.  Prices will be listed.  Check the directions here!. 

Check out Beth’s Corner’s Recipes for some potluck salad recipes. Since we won’t be having our usual potluck lunch this year, maybe you can use them for a family potluck this summer. There is a quick and easy Crunchy Coleslaw and a Brussels Sprout Salad.

You will also find some ideas for going UP with your container gardening and directions and ideas for a gorgeous plant to created a container ‘salad bowl’.

In the meantime, does anyone have any great ideas for keeping squirrels and chipmunks out of my newly potted pansies?

Enjoy your spring. They never seem to last long enough!