Beth’s Corner March 2021


Homemade suet cakes that fit standard suet feeders can be made with molds—sandwich-size plastic freezer containers (Dollar Store). Save the store-bought plastic suet cake holders and reuse them as your molds. Be sure to coat each mold with a non-stick spray before putting in the suet mix. Recipe #1 uses empty orange juice cartons and slices the brick into feeder-sized cakes. 

Suet cakes are great for woodpeckers, wrens, nuthatches and jays, but other birds occasionally use suet feeders too. Homemade suet cakes are great for winter months but should not be used in the hot summer.  

To hang a suet cake without the feeder, place the end of a piece of rope or heavy string into the bottom of the mold/container leaving some of the rope/string out of the container. Pour in the suet mix and freeze. Hang with the string/rope.

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